WNQ Fitness is one of the Chinese brand Gym fitness equipment company, established in 1989, the head office locates in the international city, Shanghai. To serve the people around the world with the best qualified brand products is the commission. WNQ Fitness devote herself 30 years to the fitness field and concentrate on research and development, manufacturing and marketing of the body-building equipment.
WNQ Fitness keeps the value ”New Trend, Top Quality, Value Service” always in mind  throughout the company running and has passed ISO9001 International Quality Management System Certification, ISO14001 International Environmental Management System Certification , OHSAS18001 International Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification and ISO10015 Training Quality Management System Certification. The main products also have passed GS and CE certification and. WNQ fitness is awarded the honors of "High-tech Enterprises", "Chinese Famous Brand Products", "Shanghai Sports Industry Demonstration Unit” and so on.
WNQ Fitness have a strong technical R&D team and a united and rigorous marketing team, adhering to the concept of innovation, constantly improving product quality, while adhering to the purpose of service. Now WNQ Fitness has hundreds of dealer in China now, the network is all over the country, and the products are popular all over the world.

Brand culture

WNQ has the meaning of being fit and youthful and energetic. It also hopes that the company can develop for a long time and continuously climb the peak of its career. WNQ's LOGO chooses bright red, which represents unrestrained, passion, and fighting spirit, which is in line with healthy body. The entire LOGO is like a high-speed racing car, with a gorgeous flame trailing at the rear, conveying the concept of WNQ F1 racing-developing the brand at the speed of F1, casting the brand with F1 technology, and the concept of healthy global health with F1 sports .


Cooperate with many design companies in the United States and Europe. The design follows ergonomics. Each movement trajectory strives for science and comfort, and constantly pursues the appearance of sports equipment. Whether it is classic design or innovative design, WNQ evergreen designers are gathered Wisdom and sweat.


WNQ Fitness has laser cutting machine, digital positioning large shears, fully automatic spraying production line imported from Germany, welding robots from Japanese Motorman UP6, three fully automated assembly lines, and other high-tech equipment. We focus on the durability, safety, material selection, installation, and testing of every aspect of the equipment, so as to give users the best products.

1. Quality management system certification 2. Occupational health and safety management system certification 3. Environmental management system certification 4. Training Management System Certificate 5.Type II environmental certification 6. Products CE Certificate
7. High-tech enterprises 8. Shanghai Sports Industry Demonstration Unit 9.Qualified enterprises for national product quality supervision and inspection 10. Top 100 enterprises in fitness equipment industry 11. China's top ten enterprises in the light industry fitness equipment industry 12. China's top ten smart treadmill brands