Enterprise fitness


Combining the uniqueness of the professional individuals of enterprises, institutions or military police, and the particularity of government agencies, combined with requirement according to local conditions, a set of tailor-made exclusive programs is designed. Equipped with simpler aerobic and strength training equipment. We also provide some professional posters and precautions, and will also send people to train gym managers to ensure that gym equipment is not damaged due to misuse


Cardio training area

Improve staff's cardiopulmonary function, easy to use. Be physically fit and work better

  • 配置清单
  • 跑步机(3~15台)
  • 椭圆机(2~5台)
  • 健身车(1-3台)
  • 动感单车(2-15台)

Strength training area

t is ergonomic, relatively easy to master, and can also be shaped by keeping healthy. The single station can be equipped with intelligent systems such as swipe card recognition and sports recording to meet more requirement of enterprise

  • 配置清单
  • 5000系列单站
  • 7000系列单站
  • W2000系列双功能

Free weight area

The equipment in free weight area is more important for enterprises. In the absence of professional coaches, more efficient and simple equipment is used to diversify exercise.

  • 配置清单
  • 深蹲训练器
  • 哑铃组
  • 大飞鸟
  • 单双杠训练器
  • 各类健身椅

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