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1. Warranty period:

(1) The product is calculated from the date of sale to the consumer. The whole machine for household and light commercial equipment is guaranteed for one year, and the motor (including Yangsheng motor) is guaranteed for five years. The whole commercial equipment (motor including Yangsheng motor) is guaranteed for one year. Household appliances are not subject to commercial premises. If household appliances are sold to commercial premises, there is no warranty.

(2) The product warranty time is calculated from the date of purchase by the end customer, and is based on a valid sales invoice or a receipt with the official seal of the unit, or the true sales date on the warranty card. The after-sales logistics department will review the relevant information provided by the dealer to return the parts list. For the parts in question, the dealer must provide relevant proof within one week, otherwise it will not be charged.

2. Parts distribution process:

(1) Domestic customer parts are billed by the clerk of the after-sales logistics department. The price is subject to financial review and is the same as the finished product shipment process, and is reviewed according to the finished product process. If you have any objection to the first payment of accessories (for example, some have a quality problem after being sold), the customer cannot pay first and needs the accessories urgently. Our company has the authority of the manager of the after-sales logistics department as long as the total of accessories and products If the amount does not exceed the above criteria, it can be reviewed (the sales order will be shipped)

3. Return process of accessories:

Return of the seven major accessories: (Note: The seven major items are: 1. Electronic watch or electronic watch component; 2. Drive board; 3. Motor including lifting motor; 4. Running belt; 5. Frequency converter; 6. LCD display Screen TV models; 7. Front and rear rollers)

(1) The distributor provides our company with a list of accessories, and after sales, we confirm whether it meets the seven conditions of our company's seven parts return based on a valid invoice, receipt, and warranty card → check the accessories returned by the distributor according to the list → in ERP Make a return order in the system → financial audit → relevant warehouse to confirm. For the parts in question, the dealer must provide relevant proof within one week, otherwise it will not be charged.

(2) The non-seven major parts within the warranty period can be sent out at a unit price of 0; however, the details of the 0 unit price parts and customer information issued in the previous quarter must be charged when the next quarter is charged (the same as the previous non-seven parts charge process) Send it back to our company for verification; if found fraudulent or fail to provide charge-off materials, it will be punished at 10 times the price of the accessories;

3) Seven-piece parts and non-seven-part accessories charge-off process: the month after the end of each quarter of the distribution point (ie: the first quarter of each year in April, the second quarter in July, the third quarter in October, the fourth Quarterly in January of the following year, the "Summary of Non-Seven Major Parts during the Warranty Period" and "Summary of the Seven Major Parts During the Warranty Period" will be signed and stamped back to the head office after-sales logistics department. After-sales supervisor review → financial personnel review →Approval by company leaders→Financial accounting.

(4) All accessories need to be provided by our company to enjoy the warranty service, otherwise the dealer is responsible for all consequences caused.

(5) The personnel department of our company cooperates with the finance department from time to time to verify the situation of post-sale spot checks. If there are accessories that do not meet the requirements for charge-off, our personnel department will impose a three-level joint penalty on the relevant after-sales personnel of our company according to twice the accessories.

(6) Before returning the seven major parts at each point, you need to sign and seal the summary form in advance with WeChat to our sales department clerk and verify and agree to send the parts to our company, otherwise the company will not pick up the goods, because The costs incurred for overdue or returned parts at the cargo station shall be borne by each point. (Each point will return the freight of the seven major accessories within the warranty according to the general transportation standards. Our company will bear the cost, and the excess or other additional costs will be borne by the customer.)

4. The operation process of the complete machine and accessories that need to be returned to our company for maintenance:

(1) When the whole machine or accessories beyond the warranty period need to be returned to the company for repair, it can only be returned for repair after being approved by our company and approved by our company for financial verification and the price confirmed by both parties in writing, otherwise it will not be accepted.

(2) When the whole machine and accessories repaired by our company are returned at various points, and the maintenance fee is charged outside the warranty period, our company will calculate according to the sum of the following three aspects: material cost, labor cost, transportation cost

(3) The warranty period of all parts and components after warranty is three months; (time is calculated from the date the customer purchases accessories)

(4) All repaired parts are returned to the original after repair, please ask the distributors to make corresponding marks on the accessories;

(5) All seven large-scale dealers are not allowed to repair by themselves, otherwise the responsibility will be borne by the dealers, which has nothing to do with our company!

5. Regarding whether the warranty period is within the warranty period: the distributor shall report it by ourselves, and our after-sales logistics department will conduct a random inspection. If the report content returned by the distribution point is found to be fraudulent, such as: if the warranty period is exceeded, then it is said to be within the warranty period. A fine of 10 times the price of falsely reported accessories.

6. When charging maintenance fees outside the warranty period at each point, try to calculate the sum of the following three aspects:

(1) The sales price of accessories at each point is 1.5 times the price provided by the company

(2) Labor cost: about $5/hour

(3) Transportation fees: ordinary transportation fees to and from customers (excluding business tickets and soft sleepers)