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WNQ puts forward the quality policy goal of "new trend, high quality and service"

1. Warranty period:

(1) The product is calculated from the date of sale to the consumer. The whole machine for household and light commercial equipment is guaranteed for one year, and the motor (including Yangsheng motor) is guaranteed for five years. The whole commercial equipment (motor including Yangsheng motor) is guaranteed for one year. Household appliances are not subject to commercial premises. If household appliances are sold to commercial premises, there is no warranty.

(2) The product warranty time is calculated from the date of purchase by the end customer, and is based on a valid sales invoice or a receipt with the official seal of the unit, or the true sales date on the warranty card. The after-sales logistics department will review the relevant information provided by the dealer to return the parts list. For the parts in question, the dealer must provide relevant proof within one week, otherwise it will not be charged.

2. Parts distribution process:

(1) Domestic customer parts are billed by the clerk of the after-sales logistics department. The price is subject to financial review and is the same as the finished product shipment process, and is reviewed according to the finished product process. If you have any objection to the first payment of accessories (for example, some have a quality problem after being sold), the customer cannot pay first and needs the accessories urgently. Our company has the authority of the manager of the after-sales logistics department as long as the total of accessories and products If the amount does not exceed the above criteria, it can be reviewed (the sales order will be shipped)