VENUS Treadmill RMB Consult more ` +Function
Aerobic exercise
Technical parameter
  • Equipment size 2330*990*1700(L * W * H mm)
  • Max capacity 150kg
  • Net weight 230kg
  • Gross weight 270kg
  • colour Champagne Color, Iron Grey, Silver (Optional)
  • Motor drive AC4.0HP ( MAX 9HP)
  • Speed range 0.6-25.0km/h
  • Slope range -4%-20%(24 Levels)
  • Heart rate test Handhold Sensor
  • Running area 1600*600 (L * W mm)
Console (optional)
  • Display 13.5
ceshiceshi ceshiceshi
The first cross column design For the first time, cross column design is used in the new appearance, breaking the double column design of conventional treadmill. The double columns are X-shaped, more solid in structure and more attractive to users. Cool shape makes users experience the unprecedented high-end comfort, as if it is a future treadmill.
Not only the exquisite outward appearance Unique and novel modeling, simplified, more clear design. Have ulterior motives in places that are easy to be ignored, so that the details control feel sincere. Whether it's appearance or experience, it's a unique enjoyment.
Tai Chi Shock Absorption System The first half of the running area provides effective shock absorption, and the second half increases the back pedaling force required for running. Luxury configuration, high-end quality manufacturing, solid and stable visual research.
Dual screen display With the introduction of the intelligent car operation concept of luxury cars, the LCD operation makes the real-time motion data more clearly displayed and the function selection more humanized. 1080p HD large screen, exercise and provide immersive audio and video experience.
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