5000 series strength equipment

Exquisite design

The 5000 series strength equipment has various functions required for strength training, and pays attention to ease of use and detailed design, which is very attractive to exercisers of all ages. Whether you are a first-time user or an experienced fitness expert, our equipment can meet your needs and provide an ideal fitness experience.

Basic characteristics

Sturdy structure

A rigid shaft that transmits configuration resistance directly to the operating lever, providing you with a smooth operating experience. Because there are fewer pulleys and lower cable stress, this can significantly increase maintenance costs and extend equipment life.

Concise appearance

PU material combined with metal end caps, smooth white stitching, more posh and class. Intuitive button controls can lead you to a strength training journey in a compelling way. With incremental resistance adjustment, exercisers can easily measure their progress.

Smooth movement

The two exercise arms move independently to increase coordination and make the strength reinforcement more balanced. The moving plane is slightly forward of the shoulders, which enhances the comfort and smooth of using equipment.

Various function

Various, effective and compact weight training device. In the case of insufficient space, the multi-purpose strength training solution is the ideal fitness option.

Rich variety

More details

Clearer vision

The unified use of lower half-packed columns not only improves the aesthetics of the fitness center, but also facilitates understanding what is happening in the gym.

Fāngbiàn tiáozhěng 4/5000 Easy to adjust

The position of the weight plate is close to the exerciser, which is convenient for adjustment. Especially suitable for exercisers with limited range of motion.

Graphic signs

The graphical signs makes it easier for exercisers to understand the muscle groups they are exercising and the correct exercise movements.