7000 Series strength equipment

Exquisite design

7000 series strength equipment has changed from the classic red and black to the black and white panda color. The whole series of products are completely new and trendy

Basic characteristics

Sturdy structure

A rigid shaft that transmits configuration resistance directly to the operating lever, providing you with a smooth operating experience. Because there are fewer pulleys and lower cable stress, this can significantly increase maintenance costs and extend equipment life.

Concise appearance

PU material combined with metal end caps, smooth white stitching, more posh and class. Intuitive button controls can lead you to a strength training journey in a compelling way. With incremental resistance adjustment, exercisers can easily measure their progress.

Smooth movement

The two exercise arms move independently to increase coordination and make the strength reinforcement more balanced. The moving plane is slightly forward of the shoulders, which enhances the comfort and smooth of using equipment.

Various function

Various, effective and compact weight training device. In the case of insufficient space, the multi-purpose strength training solution is the ideal fitness option.

Rich variety

More details

Easy to use and intuitive

Heavy-duty powder-coated steel large-size welded frames and industrial-grade finishes ensure that these strength training devices have a long service life.

Premium cushion

7000 series the seats are made of high-end automotive leather materials with smooth red stitches, which are stylish and comfortable.

Adjustable seat

The seat height and movement trajectory are adjusted by buttons and hole bolts to achieve the best exercise experience.