W2000 Transformer series

W2000 Transformer series strength equipment consistent with biomechanical design, using easy-to-operate contacts and adjustment controls, so that different levels of exercisers can benefit from strength training. The combination of good technology and reliable functions, high-level power equipment in the high-quality product portfolio.

Basic characteristics

Sturdy structure

A rigid shaft that transmits configuration resistance directly to the operating lever, providing you with a smooth operating experience. Because there are fewer pulleys and lower cable stress, this can significantly increase maintenance costs and extend equipment life.

Luxurious appearance

High-end materials combined with metal end caps, smooth red stitching, more high-end atmosphere. Intuitive button controls can lead you to a strength training journey in a compelling way. With incremental resistance adjustment, exercisers can easily measure their progress.

Smooth movement

The two exercise arms move independently to increase coordination and make the strength reinforcement more balanced. The moving plane is slightly forward of the shoulders, which enhances the comfort of exercise and the smoothness of exercise using equipment.

Various function

The Transformers series can perfectly create a strength training area suitable for your space and member needs. It incorporates advanced biomechanical properties, which can bring a natural, smooth and efficient exercise experience.

Rich variety

More details

Easy to adjust

The position of the weight plate is close to the exerciser, which is convenient for adjustment. This is especially suitable for exercisers with limited range of motion.

Steel frame construction

The adjustable pulley bracket facilitates free movement. Provide a variety of upper body and lower body training items, and the adjustment method is intuitive, simple and easy to use.

Adjustable design

The intelligent design allows users to perform multiple trainings in a small space, and can quickly adjust the settings to maximize the effect of exercise.